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About Simply.com

At Simply.com we have the clear philosophy that well-functioning hosting shouldn't be either expensive or complicated. All our solutions are put together with a focus on answering the hosting needs of both private individuals and businesses alike, in simple and effective way.

Our goal is to provide well-functioning technical solutions, packed in a way so that everyone can understand, and which both satisfies customers with and without deep technical knowledge - In other words; We make web hosting that we would use ourselves and recommend to our families.

Revolutionary hosting

When we launched Simply.com back in 2004, it was nearly impossible to find a stable hosting partner without getting ruined. It has always been our intention to change this, and to do so without making compromises with regards to our customers' expectations to a high and competent customer service level. We believe by now to have proven that price and quality aren't necessarily connected, and every day we continue to challenge this outdated market assumption.

A solid foundation

All our servers are located in high-security data centers within Denmark. This is one of the reasons why we can offer some of the fastest, most secure, and most stable solutions on the market. Our server rooms are built with a modern and efficient setup for cooling, fire suppression, and backup and emergency power, using handpicked hardware and networking equipment. Our data centers are also monitored by 24/7 on-site personnel and electronic surveillance of our all services, including our sizable and redundant gigabit fiber connections.

Logo & Media

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Simply.com A/S

Højvangen 4
8660 Skanderborg
VAT: DK-29412006

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