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Get started quickly and easily with your own domain, website and email.

From €0.53/mo. Renewal: €6.00/mo

Zero risk. We have 14 days money-back guarantee.


Register: €10.00

Renew: €12.00/year


Register: €13.00

Renew: €17.00/year


Register: €12.00

Renew: €22.00/year


Register: €10.00

Renew: €13.00/year

500.000+ hosted solutions

We are one of the largest hosting providers and handle millions of visits every hour.

WordPress tools

Install, optimize, repair and maintain WordPress. Quick and Easy.

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Listen to what our customers says, we do.

Free SSL protection

Secure your visitors' connection with Let's Encrypt.

Get your own webspace

Get a stable and fast website at a fixed, low price.

Basic Suite

Fits your basic needs

€0.53/mo first year

Renewal: €6.00/mo

Unlimited domains and bandwidth

10 GB website space

2 GB space per email account

512 MB RAM


WordPress tools



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Standard Suite

Fits most needs

€2.00/mo first year

Renewal: €10.00/mo

Unlimited domains and bandwidth

20 GB website space

8 GB space per email account

1024 MB RAM


WordPress tools



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Pro Suite

Ideal for eCommerce and larger websites

€3.00/mo first year

Renewal: €15.00/mo

Unlimited domains and bandwidth

100 GB website space

16 GB space per email account

1536 MB RAM


WordPress tools


Phone support


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Perfect for WordPress

Get started with just one click

Our product is perfect for managing your Wordpress installation. We give you complete freedom to create the website or webshop you want, while we handle the daily operations, security etc.

Lightning fast webhosting with a complete view of ressources

Malware protection & security filter

Optimize, repair and maintain WordPress

Online file-manager

Direct SSH access

Plenty of nice features

Advanced control panel and much more

Webhosting does not need to be complicated. That is why we offer an intuitive and user-friendly control panel, putting you in control of your webspace.

HTTPS (SSL) protection

Efficient virus & spam filter

Easy installation of CMS & blog

Daily backup and 99.99% uptime

Competent and fast support


PHP OPcache

With OPcache in PHP, the webserver automatically optimizes your website, making it super fast.

Full resource overview

In our control panel you can see exactly how many resources (CPU, RAM and I / O) your particular website is using.

HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, gzip

Our webservers automatically use modern technologies to display your website as fast as possible.

User friendly

1-Click installation

You can easily install your favorite CMS with us with just a click.

"It just works"

We have spent tremendous resources on fine-tuning our products so that they "just work".

Fast and competent support

We love web hosting and look forward to helping you.

World-class control panel

We have made our own control panel, which is easy and user friendly and easy to get started with.


Safety filter

Our web servers automatically protect your website from attacks by known malicious sources.

Website Malware Scanner

We keep an eye on your website whether it contains known security holes that needs to be corrected and closes the holes completely, automatically.

DDoS protection

Our entire network is protected against DDoS attacks to ensure you the best uptime.

Data stored locally

Our servers and all your data are located in Denmark and comply with all rules and procedures.


SSH directly to your web space

We give you direct access to run commands on your web space, as if you had your very own server.

Latest MySQL & PHP versions

We do everything to give you access to the latest versions and technologies instantly.

Choose PHP version yourself

You are free to choose the PHP version of your product for optimal compatibility.

Advanced log view

Get deep insight into what's happening on your website in real time.

Gather your domains at

Collect all your domains in our easy domain administration. Quick and simple. Regardless if you have one or hundreds of domains.

301 SEO-forwarding

Forward your domains to a URL with a single click.

Prompt registration

We register and handle your domains immediately.

Anonymous WHOIS

Protect your information online with free anonymous WHOIS.

Free DNS Service

Our DNS service is free once ordered, then you only pay for renewal of the domain - and nothing else.