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What is personal data?

According to the new Personal Data Regulation, personal information is typically categorized as general information and sensitive information.

General information may include be names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of your employees or customers.

Sensitive information can be regarding race, political beliefs, or information about crimes.

If you for example have a webshop, where customer needs to put in name and e-mail adress to order, or a football club, where members can sign up, then you're data controller for that data, that collects and is stored on the web hotel.

Data processor

If your business or association is hosted on a webhotel with us, you are data manager for all personal information that is stored and collected.

Because keeps these personal data on our servers, we will act as data processor.

You should therefore enter into a data processing agreement with us. You can access the data processing agreement, as well as sign it directly from our Control Panel.

If you have any questions regarding the data processing agreement or the personal data regulation, then you need to contact a adviser in that area.

You can find our Data Processing Agreement under your when you are logged into our Control Panel.


The list below contains an overview of's sub-processors.

When, in its role as processor, processes personal data on behalf of a customer, the said sub-processors can be used to perform processing within their area of operation.

Corporation Country Function
Ping IT DK Deletion and destruction of phased out storage media and hardware
B4Restore DK Outsourcing of services in relation to IBM Spectrum (TSM)-backup
Webnode CZ Website designer

Data controller

When you are a direct customer at, we are data controllers for the information you give us. We primarily use this information to support and for billing, as well as registering domains on your behalf.

Privacy Policy

Here you can find a description of our personal data policy, where amongst other things contains the usage of this website.

Read personal data policy