API documentation

This document describes the RESTful JSON API.

API endpoint

You can find the HTTP endpoint on - prefix your requests with this.



Authentication happens with HTTP Basic Authentication.

Username is the account-name and password is the API-KEY for the specific account.

The API-Key assigned to your account can be found in your Controlpanel.

OpenApi Spec / Documentation

You can find the OpenAPI spec for the API here:

Consider using the Swagger UI browser here:

Library implementations


POST /ddns/ - DDNS helper

This endpoint helps you easily set up DDNS on a domain.

Curl example

Use the following curl command to set to the external IP of the requesting client:


You can set this command to run in a crontab, on a local machine, every 15 minutes or so.


On Synology you can use the following syntax as Custom DDNS Provider

hostname should then be provided as the full qualified domain name that you wish to update, i.e.