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Quick installation of WordPress with a single click

With our 1-Click installation of WordPress, you're good to go in minutes.

Speed optimized for both small and large solutions

Feel the speed of your WordPress website. Take advantage of our fast servers.

Help from WordPress Supporters

With our in-house WordPress supporters, you are always assured of friendly and competent support for your WordPress website.

Protection of WordPress

Our servers effectively protect you from malware and automatically patch known vulnerabilities in WordPress.

WordPress website assistant AI help

With Assistant for your WordPress website, you don't have to code everything from scratch. Our Assistant takes care of the design and setup of your website based on your wishes. So you can easily start editing and adding content to your website.

Build your WordPress website in 60 seconds:

  1. Select business type
  2. Choose objectives for your website
  3. Choose a website design that matches your style
  4. Congratulations! You're online with WordPress

WordPress tools

Get the most out of your WordPress website with our WordPress tools.

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Optimize WordPress

Run a number of optimization functions on your WordPress installation, such as optimizing your database and configuring the cache plugin.

Repair WordPress

Attempts to remedy problems by, among other things, ensuring the correctness of your MySQL database and reinstalling WordPress Core files and plugins.

Update WordPress

You can update WordPress Core, plugins and themes to their latest versions. At the same time, enable automatic updates to stay ahead of new features and security.

Test environment

Make a copy of your WordPress website and try out new ideas. Your main website runs normally and is not affected by changes in the test environment.

Create pages for your website

WordPress makes it easy to create new pages for your website. Create content for your pages with WordPress' flexible and intuitive block editor. Connect your pages in a menu and make it easy to navigate your site. You can do this from within your WordPress control panel.


With WordPress' Media Library, you have all your media in one place. The Media Library is your shortcut to photos, videos and files. Upload media from your control panel or directly from the block editor. Flip, rotate and crop your photos as needed.


Quickly and easily create blog posts on your website. With WordPress, you're writing and publishing with just a few clicks. Create tags and categorize your blog posts. Share your thoughts with the world!


There are a ton of free WordPress themes to choose from. If you need extended functionality, there are also many commercial themes. Design your website just the way you want it. WordPress has a large and active community that develops, maintains and optimizes the themes. Search for themes directly from WordPress and install with a single click. Watch a live preview before you decide.


Need a contact form? There's a plugin for that. Need to optimize the speed of your website? There's a plugin for that, too. Plugins let you add functionality to your website - everything from content to the operation of your site. Tailor the functionality of your WordPress website!

Create a WordPress website with a Simply.com webspace. Our fast servers support TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2, and are updated to the latest version of PHP. You even get a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. Our servers are A+ rated at Qualys SSL Labs. With a Simply.com webspace, you get access to modern and secure WordPress hosting.

With our webspaces you have the freedom to choose between different 1-click installations of WordPress.

Looking for a free WordPress course? Need a helping hand creating your own website? Watch our monthly WordPress webinars to get started. Watch our webinars on our website or YouTube channel.

Also read our free e-book "WordPress for beginners". It's your ultimate guide to making your own website in WordPress, taking you step-by-step from your 1-click installation of WordPress to a finished website.

You'll learn how to add an SSL certificate, work with pages and posts, create content and how to use plugins and themes.

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