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Many possibilities.

Complete control

SEO-friendly redirects
Create a free 301 SEO-friendly forward on your domain
Easy DNS setup
Create a DNS configuration - fx of Google Workspace (Gmail), Squarespace,, Shopify and Weebly.
You own your domain
You always retain ownership of a domain and are free to do whatever you want with it.

Choose a domain name at

Easy control panel

Have a lot of domains? We have one control panel where you can gather all your domains, so that you can easily and quickly get an overview

No waiting time

Is right now the time to realise your idea? Then obviously, you should not waste time. Get your domain name set up immediately. We process your order immediately. Around the clock.

Free DNS Service

Our DNS service is free once ordered, then you only pay for renewal of the domain - and nothing else.

500.000+ domains

We have well over 500.000 registered domains and are one of Europe's largest DNS and domain providers. Thousands of customers have chosen us. We guarantee that we can also help you.

All the DNS records you want

We support all common DNS records and make it easy to manage them.

Squarespace? Shopify? Wix?

With our smart DNS configurations, you can easily set up your domain to point to the most popular services on the Internet.

Finalise the set up with one click

When you buy a domain at, in one single click you can:

  • Setting up a free 301 SEO-friendly forwarding on your domain
  • Set up DNS configurations, such as Google Apps (Gmail), Tumblr,, Shopify, Weebly, etc.
  • Change the name servers for your domain

Safety first

Free anonymous WHOIS

For most domains, you can enable anonymous WHOIS for free, thus protecting your contact information.

Geographically separated nameservers

Our name servers are geographically separated to ensure maximum uptime and redundancy.

Never forget to renew your domain

No need to worry about expiration dates. With us, you can have your domain be automatically renewed.

If you prefer reminders, you can e.g. export expiration dates for all your domains and add them to your calendar. That way, you have a continuous overview of your domains and their expiration dates - including outside our Control Panel.

Smart advantages with a domain name with

Complete DNS API

You can use our smart REST API to set up and manage DNS for your domains through your own system.

Assign domain to a web space

Do you have a hosting account at A DNS Service is necessary for every domain that you would like to point to your hosting account.

Domain backorder service

When you are a customer with us, you automatically get access to our domain backorder service. Using this, you can monitor when a domain becomes available. For free.

DNSSEC signing

All DNS zones with us can be DNSSEC signed and, if possible, we can sign the domain all the way up to the root zone.