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What is a webspace?

A webspace contains storage for website, e-mail accounts and the domain, along with plenty of clever and user-friendly functions - everything you need to get started.

How fast do you set up my web hosting / domain?

We create the webspace and domain the second your payment is confirmed, and you can log in right afterwards.

Basic Suite

10 GB website space

Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited bandwidth

1-Click installer with WordPress™

14 days money-back guarantee

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Only domains

Smart DNS administration

301 URL forwarding

Quick DNS configurations

Can always be upgraded to a webhotel

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Basic Suite


Standard Suite


Pro Suite


Enterprise Suite


Only domains

First year price

1.00 EUR/mo

4.00 EUR/mo

2.00 EUR/mo

8.00 EUR/mo

3.00 EUR/mo

13.00 EUR/mo

4.00 EUR/mo

21.00 EUR/mo


Webspace 10 GB 20 GB 100 GB 200 GB -
MySQL-database space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited -
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited -
Number of email accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited -
CPU cores 1 stk 2 stk 3 stk 4 stk -
Memory 512 MB 1024 MB 1536 MB 2048 MB -
Webmail, IMAP & POP3 -
Phone support -
Virus & spam filter -
HTTPS protection -
Let's Encrypt -
Website Malware Scanner -
FTP access -
Full daily backup -
1-Click installation -
Data Processing Agreement
Online file manager -
ASP or PHP -
ASP.NET & .NET Core -
MySQL databases 2 stk 5 stk 10 stk 15 stk -
MS SQL databases 1 stk 2 stk 3 stk -
Free subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited -
Email quota 2 GB/Mail account 8 GB/Mail account 16 GB/Mail account 64 GB/Mail account -
Cron jobs -
SSH access -
Possibility for more domains -
Visitor statistics -
URL forwarding (301)
DNS administration
Anonymous WHOIS
14 days money-back guaratee -
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Setup Free Free Free Free 7.00 EUR
Monthly cost 4.00 EUR 8.00 EUR 13.00 EUR 21.00 EUR Free
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Additional choices

The prices below are for additional services, i.e. services apart from those already included for each product. Additional services can be ordered through our control panel.

  Setup Monthly cost
Domain alias 7.00 EUR Free
SSL DV-Certifikat (1 år) 40.00 EUR Free
SSL wildcard DV-Certifikat (1 år) 90.00 EUR Free