IIS Manager

With IIS Manager you get a graphical overview of your web.config file, so you can easily change and fine-tune the IIS setup so that it fits exactly to your needs. It is also possible to eg. recycle one's Application Pool with IIS Manager.

You can download IIS Manager here: http://www.iis.net/download/iismanager

When you connect select "Start page" and then "Connect to site"

Login information is the same as for FTP and Web Deploy:

  • Server: [webserver] (Can also be seen in the confirmation email and in our control panel)
  • Site/Application: domain.dk
  • User name: [user name]
  • Password: [password]

Problems with login?

If you have trouble logging into your IIS Manager, it can be due issues with the registry and phase-out of TLS 1.0.

Download, unzip and run this .reg file (´strongcryptofix.reg´)

The file inserts / updates some values in the registry database, which in most cases solve the issue. Restart the computer and try logging on again. If you still hav issues, please contact us.

Recycle Application Pool

Recycling of Application Pool is done by right-click on the site in IIS Manager and then selecting "Deploy" -> "Recycle ...".
Stop your Application Pool and start it again.

Convert Folder to Application

Through IIS Manager you can also convert a folder to an application.
This is done by right-click on the folder, selecting "Deploy" and then "Convert to application"

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