Control panel says .dk domain is about to expire

The expiration date for .dk domains is retrieved directly from DK Hostmaster and is displayed if DK Hostmaster allows the domain to be renewed through

The date shown is the deadline for renewing the domain through (approximately 30 days before the domain expires at DK Hostmaster). DK Hostmaster first changes the expiration date on the domain when the domain enters a new registration period and not necessarily when they receive payment.

If no expiration date is shown, it is because the domain either does not point to, or because DK Hostmaster has stated the domain cannot be renewed by at the moment (eg because DK Hostmaster has sent you an invoice).

If you are unsure whether a domain is renewed or not, you should contact DK Hostmaster or check it through DK Hostmaster's self-service.

Renewal of .dk domains

You can freely choose to renew your .dk domain through our Control Panel, or you can choose to renew the domain through DK Hostmaster's self-service. If you do NOT choose to renew the domain through, DK Hostmaster will automatically send you an invoice when the domain approaches expiration. Once DK-Hostmaster has billed the domain, you can no longer renew it through

If you have automatic renewal, this will also work for your .dk domain and this will be automatically renewed together with your web space. If you do not want automatic renewal for .dk domains, or want to avoid reminders about the renewal of .dk domains through our control panel, this can be disabled under the menu item Account (select Edit Information).

DK Hostmaster will invoice you for a renewal no later than the 10th of the month the registration period of the domain expires. The due date is the 8th of the first month after the registration period has expired (Yes, it is confusing).

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