Can I have multiple domains with one webspace?

You can have an unlimited amount of extra domains with the same webspace at

If you order a webspace it is possible to attach the domains via our control panel.

This solution also makes it possible to show different content for each domain, by choosing which webspace folder the domain should get the content from. This is easily configured during the domain attachment procedure.

When you visit a domain in your browser the URL will not change, this way a visitor will not be able to see that it is an attached domain. This solution makes it possible to let a lot of domains use the same webspace without the visitor noticing.

To attach a domain all you need to do is order it as a DNS service via our website. It is important that you order the DNS service on the same account as your webspace.

When you have ordered your new DNS service for the domain, simply choose "Assign domains to host" in Website from our control panel. You will find this menu item by choosing to administer the domain with the webspace that you wish to attach the new domain to.

With the DNS service it is also possible to configure 301 URL forwards to your webspace. This is easily done via the menu item 'DNS administration' when administering the DNS service. By choosing this solution the URL changes in the browser, but problems like 'duplicate content' will not occur.

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