How do renewals work at

Renewals are made through the "refill" principle, same way as you would know from cell phone plans.

When your product or domain is about to expire, you will receive numerous email reminders from, explaining it is time to renew the webspace or domain. It is important to note that webspace and domain is renewed separately, and does not necessarily follow the same period. So please read the reminders carefully.

If a product is not renewed it will be suspended for 14 days, and after this deleted. The product is then considered as being cancelled.

It is extremely important to always keep the email address you have provided us updated. Without a correct email address you will not be able to receive reminders and thereby risk losing your product. If you have provided a cell phone number we will also remind you via SMS.

Both webspace and domain can be renewed from our control panel, in the "Administration" menu.

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