Do you really offer free traffic?

At we wish to make it clear that we offer absolutely free and unlimited traffic.

If you are using 1GB traffic per day or per month, does not matter to us, as long as you do not overload the server resources (CPU/RAM/DISK) in a way that creates problems for other customers and as long as you respect our business terms. You might say this is a very soft rule, but fact is that if you can achieve to deliver 10TB of data, without troubling the server, you are more than welcome. Overload on the individual server is all we care about. Our top priority will always be to deliver a reliable operation to all of our customers, big or small, private or company.

As a customer there is a lot you can do to keep the load down. Installing cache modules in blog and CMS systems is often only a question of one or two clicks, and can easily make the difference of handling 10 hits per day and survive 10.000 hits because of a sudden popularity.

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