There are two ways to set up cronjobs with

Simply.coms cronsystem

You can set up URLs which will open at different time intervals, in our controlpanel under "Website". Our cron-system will open a given URL, as if you had opened it through your browser, with the only exception that the system doesn't follow redirects (HTTP 3xx). You therefore have to enter the exact URL you want the cronsystem to open. Note that this cronsystem is subject to the same HTTP-timeout as normal browsercalls.

Linux crontab (PHP web spaces)

This option is only available on PHP web spaces, and is a lot more technical, as it requires that you log in through SSH and use the Linux crontab -e command. Here you can create commands that Linux will run in given time intervals, for example calling a .php file directly. This type of cronjobs is not subject to timeouts.

You can read more about the crontab syntax here:

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