Email Setup

This guide includes the values used for setting up your email account in any email application.

You should use these values for the following fields:

Incoming Mail Server

The host name for incoming server should be
Ports are 110 for POP3 and 143 for IMAP.

Username For Incoming Mail

The username should always be the full email address, as it is shown in your Email administration in control panel. For example, mail@ditdomæ

Password For Incoming Mail

The password is the one you chose for the mail account while setting it up, in Email administration in control panel. If you have lost the password it can be reset from Email administration.

Outgoing Mail Server

The host name for the outgoing mail server should be
Ports 25, 8080, 2525 and 587 (recommended) can be used for sending.

Authentication is required, so this must be activated with username and password.

Username And Password For Outgoing Mail

You should use the same username and password as for incoming mail.

MX Record

Domains should use as their MX record. If your email is administered with us, this is handled automatically, so this is only for domains that do not have DNS administered with us.

TLS (SSL) Support

Our mailservers have full support for TLS, both for incoming POP3 and IMAP, and for sending through SMTP. We offer sending and receiving emails via TLS as well, if the recipient/sender server supports this. TLS can be used with standard ports. Please note there is a difference between SSL and TLS.

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