Setting up mail through Mozilla Thunderbird

This guide shows the correct configuration of Mail through Mozilla Thunderbird and requires you to already have an e-mail account created through our Mail Administration, which you can access in our Controlpanel.

  1. In the setup window, choose "Skip this and use my existing email".

  1. Fill out your name, e-mail account and the password you used to create your e-mail account. Press on "Configure manually".

  1. Fill out the columns with our mailserver settings.

IMPORTANT: The incoming server must be

  1. The username should be your mail-account.

  2. Press on "Done".

  3. If you encounter this warning you should choose "I understand the risks" and press on "Done".

  1. The mail account has now been configured through Mozilla Thunderbird. In case any message about certificate pops up, this simply has to get added.

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