Setting up mail through Outlook on Android

Here's how to connect your e-mail account within Outlook for Android.

Please note that any references to should be changed to your own e-mail address.

1. Open the Outlook-app.

If you're using the app for the first time, you'll see this:

Press Get Started and skip to Step 2.

If you're already using Outlook for Android and just want to connect another e-mail account, press:

Then press:

2. Add Account

Enter your e-mail address and press Continue.

3. Choose account type

When prompted to Choose account type, we'd advise you to select IMAP.

4. Connect IMAP

Enter the following:

Email Address: Your e-mail address
Password: The password for your e-mail address
Display Name: Your name
Description: This field is optional, but we'd advise to you type in your e-mail address.

When done, press (or turn on) Advanced settings.

5. Enter Advanced settings

Enter the following:

IMAP incoming Email Server
IMAP Host Name:
IMAP Username: Your e-mail address
IMAP Password: The password for your e-mail address

SMTP Outgoing Email Server
SMTP Host Name:
SMTP User name: Your e-mail address
SMTP Password: The password for your e-mail address

When done, press the checkmark at the top of the screen.

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