Setting up mail on an Ipad

This guide shows a configuration of Mail on an Ipad and requires you to already have an e-mail account created through our Mail Administration, which you can access in our Dashboard.

  1. Press on the icon for "Settings":

  2. Choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendars":

  3. Choose "Add Account":

  4. Below account-type you should select "Other":

  5. Below "Other" you should select"Add Mail Account":

  6. Now you should specify name, email, mail password and a description.

  1. Press "Next" when everything is filled out.

  2. On the next side you should select POP or IMAP.

  1. Below"Incoming Mail Server", fill in the incoming server, your mail address (as username) and a password for it.

IMPORTANT: The incoming server must be

  1. Below "Outgoing Mail Server", fill in the outgoing server, your mail address (as username), and a password for it.

  1. Finish by pressing "Save".

  2. Eventually, accept the certificates you are being warned about.

You can adjust the outgoing server as shown on this image:

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