How to set up a auto-reply

Auto-reply, or out-of-office messages are used to automatically send an automatic mail back to people who send a mail to a given mail account.

Auto-reply is set up via our Mail Administration, which you will find in our Control Panel. It can also be set up for the individual user via the link here

Beware of writing you on vacation and how long you are away. Anyone who sends you an email gets a reply back with this information, including spam mails and other unpleasant people.

Auto-reply is considered by many to be an annoyance if the content is not relevant or informative - so we recommend you only set up auto-reply on a mail account for short periods, such as. by absence, and not permanently.

Note auto-reply is not sent if the sender is the same as the recipient, and auto-reply is only sent to each recipient every 12 hours, so if the same person sends you 10 emails in 20 minutes, he only receives one autoresponder back.

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