Secure Mail

Safe mail is a very broad concept. Some believe the email should be end-to-end encrypted, that the delivery must be encrypted, or simply that mails must be stored encrypted.

Safe Mail in public

The concept "Safe Mail" in public is about sending and receiving the content of the mail with their NemID. That is, in other words, locally on the device you send and receive mail on and has nothing to do with You can read about the setup here:

Encryption of mail

We do not store mails in encrypted form on our servers. In principle, we could do this, but in order for this storage to have real value, it would require the decryption key to be associated with the account's password, a password known only to the owner of the mail account. Should this password be forgotten, mail in the account could never be decrypted and be lost.

If you want to keep mails in encrypted form on our servers, this must be done through a applications that send and receive mail.

Of course, we ensure the security of our mail systems and data on them, just as we do for all data stored with us. Read more at

TLS (SSL) support

Our mail servers and webmail have full capability for TLS, both for incoming POP3 and IMAP, as well as for sending and forwarding through SMTP if the recipient server supports this. If connected with TLS / SSL through a mail program, this does not mean that the content of the mail is encrypted, only that the delivery of the mail is encrypted.
TLS / STARTTLS can be used on standard TLS ports.
Note there is a difference between SSL and TLS in many mail programs, SSL is an outdated version of TLS - Use TLS whenever possible.

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