Outgoing mail server

As a starting point, we recommend that you send through our outgoing mail server.

Alternatively, you can also send through the mail server that comes with your internet from your internet service provider. Contact your provider here to hear more.

Simply.com's SMTP server

You can use Simply.com's outgoing server, called smtp.simply.com. To use this server, you must set up your mail program for your / outgoing server to require authentication / and log in with the same information as you use for incoming mail. The server is available on ports 25, 587, 2525 and 8080.

Some ISPs prevent their customers from sending through port 25, for this purpose ports 587, 2525, or 8080 may be attempted instead.

You cannot use other Simply.com servers than smtp.simply.com from your mail program, not mail.domain.com or websmtp.simply.com.

Broadcasts from your website / scripts

smtp.simply.com must * NOT * be used for newsletter broadcasts, bulk mailings or broadcasts from a web hotel, instead use websmtp.simply.com.

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