Outgoing mail server for scripts

If you need to send emails through your website via ASP, ASP.NET or PHP, you can use websmtp.simply.com (port 587).
There is no limit to the number of emails sent from smtp.simply.com.

To send mail through websmtp.simply.com, use port 587 (TLS is possible) and log on to the server with a username and password. The login information can be any given email address set up in your Simply.com Mail Administration.

This server can only be used by your scripts, from our web servers, and not by normal mail clients or from servers located elsewhere.

In PHP you can use eg. phpMailer or SwiftMailer for sending as the mail() function does not support the use of external SMTP server.
In CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento, etc.) one can often specify an SMTP server, or install a plugin that makes this possible.

Mass mailing

If you need to send tens of thousands of emails, we recommend that you purchase a VPS and on that set up an SMTP server. So you ensure that your mails are not blocked by 3rd party due to other customers' send outs, and at the same time we ensure that our servers are not blocked due to your mass mailing. By provide SPF, DKIM and DMARC in your emails and on your domain, helps to prevent email to be blocked from other mail-providers.

Of course, we do not allow smtp.simply.com to be used for phishing, spam, address washing or other forms of mailing that are inconvenient to the recipient or that we receive complaints about. Our SMTP service is available to help our customers run their website and services around it, so good reputation and good delivery are a priority for us. Check out our terms and conditions.

Consider using 3rd party services like [SendGrid] (https://sendgrid.com/) or [Mailgun] (https://www.mailgun.com/) for mass mailing, to ensuring the best delivery for you.

Bounce handling

For mass mailing, we like if our customers always process their bounce emails and remove 'dead' mail addresses from their lists. This can be done by setting up a sender account and checking this account for error messages. If such an account is set up, you should at the same time disable antivirus and antispam on the account, otherwise a significant amount of unnecessary resources will be spent on our mail servers. Be sure to empty and process emails on the account regularly.
This will prevent mail servers from blocking emails sent from our SMTP servers, and ensuring your emails are delivered properly to valid recipients.
Also insert the List-Unsubscribe header so that it contains a link that directly removes the recipient from any lists, if they wish to do so.

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