Setting up mail in Microsoft Outlook 2003

Below you will find help with setting up your e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook 2003.

This guide assumes you have already set up your email account in the Email tab, which you will find in our Control Panel.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2003

  2. Click on the tools tab and select E-mail Accounts. Select Add a new e-mail account and click on next.

  1. Under server type, select IMAP and click on next.

  1. Enter the information as shown in the screenshot below.

NOTE: Account name is your whole email address and not just john but john@domain.xx! The password is the password you have chosen when you've setup the email account under the Email tab in the control panel.

IMPORTANT: The incoming server must be

  1. Your account is now configured and ready for use. Mail is retrieved by pressing: Send & Receive in the menu.

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