Connect with SSH

To connect with SSH to a webspace with, you will need to add a public key to the webspace.

Generate public & private keys

If you do not have a SSH key pair, you can generate it with the Linux command

ssh-keygen -t rsa

This will generate a private and public key on your computer.
Your public key will be named "", and your private key "id_rsa".

You can also use the Windows app PuTTYgen.

Upload public key

When you have generated your public key, you can upload it from your control panel. Choose "Website" and then find the "SSH Access" button. When you have added your key here, you can connect to your webspace via SSH.

Connect with SSH

You must connect directly to the webserver with SSH, using the same host name, user name and password as for FTP. To connect with SSH it is required that you have added your public key, is using this key, and that you have typed in the password for the webspace.

Connect with Putty

If you are using Putty, consider using Pageant to apply your private key, when connecting.

Error: Permission denied (publickey)

This error occurs if you are not applying your private key when connecting. Check your SSH client setup, make sure the key is applied and that PreferredAuthentications is set to "publickey,password"

Error: Authenticated with partial success

This error occurs if you have logged in correctly with your private key, but have typed in the wrong password for the webspace.

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