508 Resource limit is reached

This error occurs when the web server observes an individually web hotel uses too many CPU/RAM resources on the web server.

To protect the webserver against overload and downtime, as a result of one single web hotel usage of resources, will the web hotel by default automatically suspend the web hotel. The server will also automatically unsuspend the web hotel when the usage of resources has fallen to a normal level.

Under normal circumstances, a web site should never experience this error unless the web hotel is under attack or the web hotel is not optimized well enough to handle many simultaneous visits, e.g. from crawlers. Therefore, always make sure to enable and install cache modules and other features that can reduce your web hotel's resource consumption.

You can follow your web hotel's current resource consumption under the menu item "Website" in our Control Panel. Here, too, under "Resource consumption" is described in more detail what you can do to remedy the problem.

Article from the support category: PHP